Lush Haulin’

Y’all, I’m super excited to share with you some of my Lush body care favorites! I usually treat myself to a few bath bombs a few times a year, since they can get pricey. However, they are my fave thing to splurge on for “self-care” nights. Let’s be honest every night should be self-care night! I also love that these products are naturally based and all vegan.

Let’s start with the Rose Jam Shower Gel! I got this shower gel locally, however they didn’t have it individually online. So I linked a gift set for y’all to browse. Y’all know I have a serious rose-scented problem. It seems like all I’ve been buying recently is rose-scented products, and I’m here for it! This is the most refreshing rose scented body wash because it is infused with a lemon almost slightly citrus take on the traditional rose scent. It is slightly invigorating and refreshing, so I love using this in the morning when I shower before work. This formula is super amazing, it lathers up beautifully and doesn’t contain any of the harsh nasty chemicals. And for my vegan followers, this is right up your alley!

Now on to the bath bombs! Lush is super famous for these, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you need to get on the bandwagon! I picked up Cheer Up Buttercup, Golden Egg, April Showers, and Which Came First? bath bombs.

Cheer Up Buttercup is not only adorably yellow, but also packs a seriously citrus punch! This nuroli, lime, and lemon myrtle will not only relax you, it will also invigorate your senses! I love that this leaves such a vibrant color to your bathwater and really sets the mood. The finishing touch you ask? The beautiful blue cornflowers floating for ultra-relaxing vibes!

I also picked up the Golden Egg bath bomb. This little gem is a limited edition bath bomb for  Easter. I couldn’t pass up the gold glitter feels, regardless of the scent. This bath bomb promises to moisturize and hydrate the skin with it’s featured ingredient coco butter. It is infused with bergamont and sweet orange oil for the perfect balance of sweet and fruity delight.  The best part? All the glitter is biodegradable so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging!

Next up, April Showers! I was super excited to try this one because the sales gal told me this turns your bathwater into a fuchsia purple dream. The minute she said that, you know I was sold! The little rain drops infused into this bath bomb are actually coco butter so they melt into the bath. You can even rub those into your skin to get some extra hydration, once you are in the bath! Infused with violet leaf and cypress oils this makes the perfect blend of woodsy yet slightly floral scent. I’m a big fan!

Last but not least, Which Came First?  This is a jumbo bath bomb, and I usually don’t splurge, but I felt like it was necessary! There are actually little eggs inside  that you can use for separate baths or indulge all in one use.  I love this fizzy bath bomb  because it reminds me of summer. The light pink and vibrant yellow colored reminds me of sipping on strawberry lemonade on a hot summer day. This ultra-citrus vibes are real. The main note is grapefruit, but it is paired with vanilla and lemon for the perfect balance of warm and citrus notes!

What have y’all been loving at lush?! I’ve been tempted to try the Avocado Co-Wash, have y’all tried this solid cleanser?